Our work emerges from the desire to and interest in creating a link between people and places. A link that is both material and immaterial. Our perception is that persons, culture, spaces and places constitute a coherent sphere. On this basis we aim at expressing a feeling of belonging.

We have a great curiosity towards different cultural backgrounds and layers in society. By which our work is inspired .

Often our projects combine artistic creation with a functional practice. The artistic dimension gives us the possibility to interact with and influence the human mind, and the functional practice can create social relations between people and across layers in society. 



Office and workshop


Our studio in Copenhagen contains a workshop with a CNC router. With this facility we easily explore thoughts and ideas through physical models where we can test structural ability, function, character, and alike. Our projects are often temporary and small scale architecture which provides us with plenty opportunities to experiment. In the process of working with a project we perform prototyping and production in house. Our process methods in each project contain sketching, designing, production and assembling, and this gives us a unique insight into optimizing and obtaining knowhow from the various phases to the total context of each project.


Computer, software and digital production go hand in hand in our work. We think it is important to incorporate variation, character, and heritage into the new possibilities for digital production, which offers new spatial and structural opportunities. Especially in our projects we have explored the potential of CNC milling. This has led to the development of new constructional and assemblage techniques with optimized strength and minimal use of material.



A unique structural concept

The structural concept used and developed by SHJWORKS is inspired by the handicraft of a tailor, stitching two dimensional pieces into a three dimensional object. We bend sheets of material into single curved shells. The curves created by the adjoining shells form the supporting structural system. The positions of the structural curves are “locked” with “stitches”, by the use of bolts and nuts. The shells and stitches make up for both the structural support and the façade. 



Products, commissions and initiative

The core of our practice is initiative. We aim to raise questions, solve problems and use potentials by taking the initiative in making projects. We also provide commissions for private as well as public clients. Recently we received a lot of queries for the project “The Invisible Garden House”, which has led us to produce  the middle dome of it and make it  available as a product, ”The Invisible Garden Pavillon”. In the future we are likely to make other products available.



In the media


Lately we have received a growing interest from the media, and our work has been featured around the internet and in various architectural magazines like Arkitekten (Danish), A10 (European) and Concept (Korean). Later this year some of our work will be featured in books published by Braun and Birkhauser.



The practice


The practice was founded in 2010 by Simon Hjermind Jensen. Today Simon is the head of the design, and he works closely with a selected team of other architects and related professionals. This suits the different requirements of the various projects carried out by the practice.

Simon did his MA in 2007 from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen with part of his time studying at RMIT in Melbourne. After graduation he worked for various architectural companies in Copenhagen and for C. F. Møller Architects in London.


Copenhagen the 1st of February 2014




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