Our new project called Biotope is now online under projects. See images and a desriction here.


Site images from building the Biotop






Site images from late spring when we were building the Biotop. A big thanks to those who helped with the project:Vilmer Jensen, Thomas Bentsen, Morten Plesner, Lorenz Sedlmeyr and Tobias Melin.
And a special thanks to "Områdefornyelsen Fuglekvarteret" for the support


Residence in Lofoten




 A two week residence @ NNKS Kunstnerhuset in Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway.

The mountains in Lofoton has fascinated me for a long time and finally I got to experience them. For two weeks I was watching and walking in, on and around the formations of the mountains. I made clay sketches of these formations. For some particular shapes of the mountains I felt a special interest. My concern was not an intellectual understanding of this interest, rather I tried to connect this immediately interest with my hands forming the clay. In this way I wanted to explore the feeling of relation between me and certain formation of the mountains. Feelings of relations fixed into pure form. I think and hope this study will become useful in my work with my organic shaped structures and relations between them, people and places. Back in my studio I will explore these ceramic sketches in relation to my structural pattern making.


More than design


Images from the exhibition "More Than Design" at the Finders Keepers. We are very happy for all the positive feedback we got, and a big thanks to those who purchased a lamp. Photos taken by Liv Kastrup Møller


Hjermind Six & Seven


I am happy to present the design for two new lamps called “Hjermind 6 & 7”. These lamps are introduced and exhibited along some of my other ceramic work at “More than Design” at the Finders Keepers fair in Økneshallen in Copenhagen this coming weekend. The shade for the lamps are made of porcelain and they have steel legs which comes either in stainless or in black. I also have a stand where you can purchase the lamps. Drop by, have a look and please share your thoughts on these new lamps. 
I produce the lamps in my workshop in Nordhavnen.

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