The Labyrinth is completed

The Labyrinth at Toftegårdsplads is now completed. Try it untill the 30th of June. More photos here.


Labyrinth on Toftegaardsplads

1.000 sqm big labyrinth with seven pavillon towers is under construction at Toftegaardsplads. More info here.


New mural in progres


After alot of planning we are now ready to start the 935 square meter big mural 

in Odinsgade. The project is in collaboration with Anders Schmidt, Silas Inoue and Theis Wendt


Urban Furnitures

New urban furnitures for an urban garden at Telemarksgade in Copenhagen.


Toftegaards Square

Kultur Valby has decided to keep the pavilions at Toftegårds Square for a while.