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Sundholm Shelters 2012

Furniture and shelters for homeless people at Sundholm in Copenhagen.


Often homeless people are not welcome in the public space, and therefore this project tries to address the problem by making a place especially for the homeless. The homeless people have been involved in both the development and the production of the project.


The base of the project is a landscape created by 94 plywood elements. The different heights of the elements offer seating, table and bar facilities as well as boxes for greenery. On top of the landscape five shelters are mountedall different in size. The shelters consist of polycarbonate shells "sewn" together with bolts. In this way the shells act both as construction and facade. Polycarbonate is a very strong material which made it possible to use only 4 mm thick shells. The shelters are water- and windproof as well as soundproof.












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