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White Shining Objects 2014

The largest object in context with the trees and the sky                                                 The second largest object illuminated at night time                         


“We do not know” was the common answer to the passersby, when we were installing the project, and they asked what it was. And it was true; we could not exactly tell what it was. We knew our project consisted of five white shining objects placed along a stretch of 400 m in the suburb of Husum just outside Copenhagen. We knew the objects would be illuminated from dusk till dawn, and we knew the height of the objects would vary from 4,2 m to 0,6 m. We also knew the project was the winning entry for a competition about urban spaces, arranged by the Copenhagen municipality. Together with the objects we included 7 benches, 3 planters and 95 step stones.


We had many intentions and thoughts concerning the project, and we could not give one clear answer, because the project deals with way finding, place making, evocative lights, white sculptures with a smooth shining surface, and urban spaces for recreations.


The stretch, where the objects are placed, is a long and narrow area with the suburban character of being in-between a wasteland and a park. In one end of the stretch is a busy street, where the largest object is placed, and at the other end, where the smallest object is placed, is an old public school which has been transformed into a cultural community centre.


Each object is made of 2-4 mm thick polycarbonate sewn together with 1 mm thick steel wire. And all the objects are asymmetrical and unique in shape and size. The largest object is 4,2 m tall and the smallest one is 0,6 m tall. Inside each object is a lamp, which is connected to the street light and thereby turns on and off at the same time as the street light.


Some of the questions and comments from the passersby were whether the objects were some kind of eggs? Maybe eggs from the future because of their shiny surface? Or that the silhouettes and asymmetrical shapes of the objects evoked associations to stones. Could it be stones placed for rituals, similar to the ancient stone circles? As mentioned in the beginning we could not tell exactly what is was, but we were very pleased with the attention, questions and comments from all the passersby. We were pleased because this attention and wonder was exactly one of our intensions with the project. We created an urban project with qualities of way finding, place making, evocative lights and recreational functions. And we also created a project that raised questions about the project itself and of the origin of the objects.


We believe that urban spaces should not only offer functional possibilities but also appearances that raise questions and reflection. To receive answers is great, but to ask questions is even greater. It raises an awareness and knowledge about ourselves, our next generations, and our environment.


Project team:

Simon Hjermind Jensen, Head of Design

Christian Bøcker Sørensen, Landscape Architect

Jakob Ingemansson, Architect

Hollie Gibbons, Architect.


The largest and 4,2 m tall object at dusk 


Each object consists of CNC milled pieces of polycarbonate which are sewn together with steel wire  


The largest object at night time, seen from the busy street 


A ring of step stones surrounds the largest object with one of the planters next to it 


The largest object seen from the top 


The sunset and skyline reflected in the shiny surface 


The second largest object,  3,7 m tall 


The second largest object together with the trees along the stretch 


Detail with the shiny and reflective polycarbonate and the steel wire stiches 


The second largest object illuminated at sunset 


The second largest object illuminated at night time 


The three small objects with one of the seven “Copenhagen” benches 


The three small objects illuminated at night time