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The Cloud 2016


"The Cloud"

Concrete, stainless steel, polycarbonate and LED light.

5, 2 m tall, 4 m wide and 6 m long.

Supported by VIBO Housing Association, The Nordea Fund and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg.


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The Cloud is a site specific work created to introduce stay, light and place making in a recreational space belonging to a social housing estate in Copenhagen.


One sculptural shape which is illuminated at night is the main element of the project. The aim of the project is to show that one organic, complex and site specific shape can create a strong relation between people and place. The main element consists of pieces of white polycarbonate sewn together with stainless steel wire. This element is elevated and supported by nine legs of stainless steel. The nine legs are fixed and grounded to three concrete feet.


The sewing technique has been developed from our previous work into a more complex pattern making, which creates a very unique and sculptural shape. In our previous work we have often worked with the sphere in a distorted form to create shapes and spaces. Each time we worked with a distorted sphere they had two points in the pattern making where all the sewing lines met - similar to how the longitudes meet in the poles on a globe. This time we argue that again we have made a distorted sphere, and that this time the sphere has three points where the sewing lines meet. This new way of pattern making opens up for creating shapes with many gathering points for the sewing lines, and therefore an openness in the future to make much more complex shapes and spaces with a richness in spatial connections and progression.


The Cloud is placed in a recreational space surrounded by a road, trees and the housing estate. A paved path leads through the space. The organic shape, its orientation and placement are related to this unique setting. The shape is lifted and sculpted towards the road in a formal and authoritarian posture. This creates a distinction between the road as public space and the recreational space as semi-public space. When you move around The Cloud, and when you follow the paved path the view and the silhouette of the project changes radically due to its asymmetrical and complex shape. Towards the housing estate The Cloud has a more laid back appearance. The functions of the concrete feet are both to ground the project with weight and to offer a place to sit. The recreational space becomes denser with the spatial presence of the project. Due to this and the size of the project it adds a more human scale to the recreational space in comparison with the nearby five storey tall building blocks.


The Cloud has been well received by the local residents. Kids play on and around the project and teenagers and elders hang around it and enjoy its presence both in the day time, and in the special atmosphere at night time when it is illuminated.