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The two pendants in porcelain, which I have designed, is now available at the shop at Munkeruphus and online at the webshop of the Danish Association of Architects. Each is handmade in Copenhagen.

Large: Kr. 1.180,- (€ 155,-)
Small: Kr. 980,- (€ 130,-)

Large: 18 x 15 x 13 cm
Small: 14 x 12 x11 cm

“Architect Simon Hjermind Jensen has designed two pendants, which create atmosphere. The pendants are handmade in porcelain and fired, so they evoke a special glow when the light flows through them. The pendants are asymmetrical, and together with the warm light, they add personality and presence to the room.
The character and appearance of the lamps reflects Simon Hjermind Jensen’s other work with form and structure, where he creates relationships with – and between people, form and place.”

Photos: Jenny Sundby @jennysundby