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This project addresses the theme of unique variation and belonging to a community. A community which is both imaginary and definite. Imaginary because each of the fourteen structures creates the illusion of a circle. And definite because the opening of each structure is oriented towards the same physical point.

The departure and inspiration for the project was interviews with the people living in the building. Many of the people have a cultural background that differs from the general Danish background in the area, and a lot of the interviewed people expressed a very strong social cohesion between the residents of the building.

Each of the fourteen structures consist of nine pieces of transparent polycarbonate and each structure has it owns unique shape. The pieces are fastened together with bolts and nuts. In the bottom of each structure is a lamp based on solar power and at the top is an opening. The opening in each structure is oriented towards the exact same point located in eye height on the opposite sidewalk. Parametric software was used in the design phase and digital production where used for the making of the structures.

Client: LejerBo (Social housing organization) and Valby OmrÄdefornyelse (Municipality of Copenhagen)

Address: Lukretiavej 2-12, Copenhagen