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Acrylic paint and acrylic relief.

8.9 m x 6.3 m

 “A Lucid Symmetry” is a joint project with artist Silas Inoue carried out on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

The work is based on a continuation of previous work carried out in collaboration with Inoue. Our multidisciplinary joint practice is always based on the given environment, such as architectural aspects, light conditions and the local environment. With this as a starting point we simultaneously retrieve inspiration of phenomena and concepts that relate to a more metaphysical and intangible world.

A Lucid Symmetry consists of both painting and object, which interact to create a vivid image that responds to the changing light of the sky. The large coarse brushstrokes blend with smaller and more delicate strokes, in an overall composition balancing between symmetry and asymmetry. The square acrylic object contains a special kind of foil which creates colored reflections and shadows on the wall while the sun moves across the sky, and thus constitutes an image in constant change. In the mix of the hand-painted mural and the digital produced acrylic object the project shimmers from a wide spectrum of light and dark shades. This diffuse expression that largely leaves the interpretation up to the viewer is created in the awareness of the phenomenon “Lucid Dreaming”, which is a state where one dreams, but also is aware that it is only a dream and therefore it is possible to actively influence what one dreams.