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A series of ten ceramic models.

Porcelain, pigments and glazing.

Various dimension.


During the spring lockdown I created a series of ten models in porcelain. The models where part of a group show at Sirin Gallery in Copenhagen running from the 11/11 untill the 22/12 2020.

“Can architectural spaces be fertile? And if so, is there a certain kind of shape and space that are more fertile than others? These questions occurred to me. And quickly I moved to think about the space of a dome. For me there is a special feeling of entering a dome. I guess it is about the sensing of awareness. To me the Pantheon in Rome is a great example of this.

Next, I thought, can I find fertile space and form in nature? Nests, pupas, beehives, seeds, eggs and embryos came to my mind – all of them with a dome like shape. Then fruits arrived in my thoughts. They must be fertile! And I guess you can say that fruits are containers for spreading and supporting life. And this is what you would like to say about architecture too, isn´t it?

And vow! The forms and colors of fruits are so beautiful! They look like objects covered in the most appealing ceramic glaze. They attract me. I like to hold them; to consume them.

So, really, I wanted to create a mix between architecture and a fruit. This was my aim and starting point for the ten ceramic models.

I coloured the models red inside. I can’t explain why, I just did. And yes, the inside looks disgusting to me, too. Like an animal space. I guess we are all created in a fertile animal space. Can we talk about fertile vegetable spaces, too?”