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“Dear Trees” is a research project consisting of four drawings with a print in the bottom. Each drawing measures 70 cm x 100 cm. They where made for Sirin Gallery on the occasion of the Chart Design Fair 2019 and for an exhibition in the gallery during October 2019.

I have a fascination for trees. And I have a fascination for form. So, on a walk in the forest, I was wondering; How would trees look like if they were volume instead of tree trunks? If they were to be buildings? This was my starting point, and my concept was to photograph the bottom of a tree, and then to draw the top part myself. The inspiration for the top part has come from photographing details of trees; especially details of strange and weird growth. I think the final drawings show a mix of forms from the vegetable and the animal world. This was not a conscious decision, but something that happened along the way.

I view the drawings as architectural objects or bodies. And there is both a serious and a playful naive aspect of this project.