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2 x 2 x 7 m.

Polycarbonate, cable ties and LED light strips.

Part of the exhibition “New Light ยด23” at Sophienholm Kunsthal from the 22nd of November 2023 to the 21st of January 2024.

Supported by the Poul Johansen Foundation, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Grossere L. F. Foght Foundation and the Dreyers Foundation.

Exofruit, the sculpture at the end of the chestnut pathway at Sophienholm Kunsthal is created by Simon Hjermind Jensen, artist and architect. It is built with his unique construction technique, where curves and patterns create the supporting principle.

Exofrugt is created as an artistic rendering of the shape and pattern that appears when seven leaves from a chestnut tree are sewn together and stuffed. Hjermind Jensen himself says: “I find myself in the world of architecture and art with a great fascination for plants. For me, it is obvious to see a fruit as an architectural container. After all, seeds are the core of fruits, and the fruit is the protective shell that contains nutrition for the seed, which it uses during germination. In the same way, houses can form a safe environment for us to grow up, houses, to which we also return to as adults when the day is over and we need rest and a nurturing environment”.

At Sophienholm Exofruit lies as if it had grown out of the ground – with bands of light like a life-giving liana that create the shell with the earth’s energy. The bands of light continue into the sculpture and mimic the stems from the stuffed and stitched together chestnut leaves. And so, the sculpture throws off new seeds in the brain and heart of those of us who watch.

Simon Hjermind Jensen is educated as an architect and in his practice he is concerned with a big question: in the future, can we collaborate with plants in such a way that we can grow our architecture?

Photos by Laura Stamer.