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The theme is biomimicry when Bloom on Tuesday the 28th of September holds an event for the Danish Society of Engineers called IDA. Together with engineer Torben Lenau and geochemist Karina Krarup Sand, I participate in a panel debate called “In the Image of Nature”. The event is free and you are very welcome. Get more info here (in danish) Photo: Esther Elmholt


My sculpture “Friend” is travelling with Bloom. Images is from SummerBloom and Bloom in Aarhus at Aarhus Festuge. Photos is taken by Malthe Ivarsson and Martin Dam Kristensen

Next time you can experience “Friend” is in Copenhagen with Bloom at IDA, the Danish Society of Engineers. The date is the 28th of September and I will take part in the panel discussion about biomimic. More info about this soon.

Biotope give away

The Biotope looks for a new place to stay and you can have it for free.
The project has existed for three years which was the intention from the beginning. It has been a great success, and for me it has been very exciting to follow the development of life inside. No one has been inside since the beginning and it has only been watered from the rain. The plan was to disassemble and recycle the materials after the three years, but it is possible to move it in one piece to a new place. The project is for free, but you have to pay the cost for transportation and for new soil, plants and bees.
Please get in touch for further information, and also please spread the word if you think somebody will be interested.
The project is in great condition, and I hope it will be possible to find a new home for it.

New project: Friend

I am happy to present a new project for Bloom Festival called FRIEND. View the project here.

Work in progress – Bloom Festival


Sketch for a new project for Bloom Festival. Bloom is a festival in Copenhagen which reflects on nature, science and ourselves. Bloom 2021 takes place on June 18th – 20th and is free to attend.

Architectural Fruits

During the spring lockdown I created ten models in porcelain with the titel “Architectural Fruits”. The models are part of the group show “The Art of Giving” at Sirin Gallery in Copenhagen running from the 11/11 untill the 22/12 2020.

pendants in porcelain

The two pendants in porcelain, which I have designed, is now available at the shop at Munkeruphus and online at the webshop of the Danish Association of Architects. Each is handmade in Copenhagen.

Large: Kr. 1.180,- (€ 155,-)
Small: Kr. 980,- (€ 130,-)

Large: 18 x 15 x 13 cm
Small: 14 x 12 x11 cm

“Architect Simon Hjermind Jensen has designed two pendants, which create atmosphere. The pendants are handmade in porcelain and fired, so they evoke a special glow when the light flows through them. The pendants are asymmetrical, and together with the warm light, they add personality and presence to the room.
The character and appearance of the lamps reflects Simon Hjermind Jensen’s other work with form and structure, where he creates relationships with – and between people, form and place.”

Photos: Jenny Sundby @jennysundby

Observatoriet i efterårsferien

I hele efterårsferien kan du tage dine venner og familie med på Munkeruphus for at samles om bålet i Observatoriet. I åbningstiden kl. 12-17 kan du i indgangen købe en “sno-brøds-pakke” til kun 30 kr. per mand bestående af brænde, snobrødsdej, smør og syltetøj, som I kan tage med over til vores unikke shelter og bålsted i Munkerup Park. Alle er velkomne til at benytte Observatoriet så længe de rydder op efter sig.

Balancing Domes

Workshop for Munkeruphus with 4th grade primary students from Gilbjergskolen, Gilleje.

48 students made 45 architectural models. Here are 10 of the models.

We worked with the constructional strength of the curve, the use of gravity to balancing weight and we talked about housing/habitation with inspiration from the trees. Each student made a “Balancing Dome” and we also experienced how to create individual variety and identity within a concept.