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Opening of The Observatory

“The Observatory” is getting ready for the opening on Monday the 10th of June.
There will be drinks and you are very welcome!
Location is Munkerup Park next to Munkeruphus Art Museum and the time is between 16 and 17.
Commissioned by Munkeruphus Art Museumand supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Knud Hoejgaards Fond.

The bees have survived the winter

Hurray, the bees in the Biotope project have survived the winter!! Thank you Morten Plesner for your great work with insulating the beehive and installing the bees.


My project Biotope has a page in the Austrian magazine Architektur. Issue 08. December 2018.


We are happy to announce that our new porcelain lamps called “HJERMIND six & seven” now are available at Sirin in Copenhagen. Visit the shop for their fine selection of design and art books. The address is Gammel Kongevej 103.

The Observatory

Munkeruphus Art Institution have asked me to design a proposal for an architectural landmark in the adjacent park. The proposal is called “The Observatory”. I am very excited about this and I look forward to show you more.

Proces – from ceramic to architectural model

Proces for developing a project proposal for Munkeruphus Exhibition Space.
1. Clay model made on a 24 hour long site visit.
2. Further clay studies in my studio in Nordhavn.
3. Construction pattern drawn on the final clay model.
4. 3d scan and pattern recreated with parametric vector lines.
5. Computer model simulating the structural shells and their materials.


Our new project called Biotope is now online under projects. See images and a desriction here.