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Dear Trees

“Dear Trees” is a new series of four drawings with a print in the bottem. Each drawing measuring 70 cm x 100 cm. The series is made for Sirin Gallery for the Chart Design Fair located at Den Frie Exhibition Space in Copenhagen. Friday the 30th of Aug.: 16 – 20, Saturday the 31st of Aug.:12 – 18 and Sunday the 1st of Sep.: 12 – 17. Please visit.

A great day at Munkeruphus anniversary

The Munkeruphus anniversary was such a great day. A big thanks to the Munkeruphus crew and to Jette Ellgaard Kristensen and Jakob Kirkegaard & Katinka Fogh Vindelev for the great performances in The Observatory.

Munkeruphus celebrates 30 years anniversary!!

Come join us and experience THE OBSERVATORY on Sunday the 25th of August when MUNKERUPHUS celebrates its 30th anniversary !!

11.30-12.30: Opening of soundwork by artist Jette Ellgaard Kristensen and children from Gilberg School.

18.00: Performance: “EUSTACHIA for two voices” by sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard and classical singer and composer Katinka Fogh Vindelev.

18.30: I talk about the Observatory and light a fire in it. Munkeruphus´Kunstvenner sells hot dogs, cold beer and water.

In addition, there are many other exciting activities on the day. Please visit Munkeruphus for more information

I hope to see you !!

Open Studio the 23rd of August

Open Studio at PB43 Friday the 23rd of August. Come and visit my studio and see my recent works. It is between 16 and 19 pm and the address is Skudehavnsvej 25, 2150 Copenhagen.

Opening of The Observatory

“The Observatory” is getting ready for the opening on Monday the 10th of June.
There will be drinks and you are very welcome!
Location is Munkerup Park next to Munkeruphus Art Museum and the time is between 16 and 17.
Commissioned by Munkeruphus Art Museumand supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Knud Hoejgaards Fond.

The bees have survived the winter

Hurray, the bees in the Biotope project have survived the winter!! Thank you Morten Plesner for your great work with insulating the beehive and installing the bees.