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New project

New project in Copenhagen. The project will consist of a bowl of concrete and a membrane of polycarbonate for plants and insects. Supported by “Områdefornyelsen Fuglekvarteret”. More info soon.

The Røsnæs Models

Clay models ready for glaze.

I am excited to explore the use of different materials within the same structure. And still I will like to follow and develop the patterns of my structural concept for complex form. Two or three kinds of glaze will represent different kind of materials.

The Fire Shelter in the UK

 The Fire Shelter is now available as a product in the UK. The first one has just been sold, produced and assembled by Scene2 Ltd.

PM me if you are in the UK and like to purchase one. From £ 6.500 + VAT



Sketches for a new project at Skovsnogen Art Space.

Complex pattern making

Clay has been modelled from a sketch of a treetop. Afterwards lines has been added on the model to explore complex structural pattern making with single curved shells.


New project in collaboration with artist Silas Inoue. Full description and images here. The project is supported by The Danish Art Foundation

The Cloud

My new project The Cloud is now installed on Thorsgade in Copenhagen. See more here.


The screen for a new lamp project is ready for installation