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First place

Simon Hjermind Jensen has in collaboration with Silas Inoue won an invited competition for a new mural in Copenhagen.


We will showcase our work at the Northmodern furniture and lifestyle trade show in Copenhagen 13 – 15 August. We will be very pleased to meet you there.



Fire Shelter: 01 is featured in the international architecture magazine BOUNDARIES. The theme for the July-September issue is Tiny Houses – self built – off the grid. The Fireshelter is on p. 34-38 and you can buy a copy of the issue here

First product available in Denmark

We are now introducing our first product to the Danish market. It is the middle dome from the project The Invisible Garden House which is our first product.

In the future we will introduce other products, and we also aim for availability for international customers. For Danish costumers please go to our new PRODUCT & SHOP section. 

circular gathering


Proposal for an urban furniture with social qualities.

snæ #4

SHJWORKS featured in SNÆ #4 p. 126-161. Published by Papay Gyro Nights. Buy your own copy here.

The Fire Cave

Sketches for a Fire Cave. The “big brother” to the Fire Shelter. Oval shaped plan and asymmetrical in the sections.

Proposal for a mural

“A lucid SYMMETRI” is an entry for a mural competition in collaboration with Silas Inoue.