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Nomadic Climate proposes the frames for outdoor events during the cold and dark winter months. The proposal introduces local micro climates and creating zones for social gathering. Four pavilions, different in sizes, and variations in form, create a unique world of its own.

Inside the pavilions fire burns from bonfires and oil barrels which heat up the air. Many stories and events have been told and taken place around a bonfire. This project reintroduces the public bonfire in an urban setting. A good bonfire with a comfortable climate forms the setting for an outdoor event in the cold and dark winter months.

Big events take place on the main stage. Here the audience is both inside and outside the pavilions. If you get cold you can just move inside close to the fire.

Minor events take place inside the double pavilion. Here the performance is on the inside stage and the audience sits on the benches and stand around the bar counters.

When no event takes place the ice skaters, bus waiters and passersby may gather around the fire in a comfortable climate.

Each pavilion is made of shells of clear and opal polycarbonate which is sewn together with maritime rope.

Project team: Simon Hjermind Jensen and Jakob Ingemansson